The Revolutionary New Cooking Surface Where Square Bottom Meets Round Top!

About us

Who says pans should look exactly the same decade after decade? The fact is professional chef's got together with cookware designers and came up with the ultimate pan. And kitchen cooks everywhere agree.

 Introducing the amazing quality culinary wonder - the square bottom pan with the round top. You get more cooking space in the pan while traditional round lids fit the top perfectly.

 These pans are just right for cooking everything from steak to chicken and any homemade meal. The square bottom not only gives you more space for food, but gives your pan more heating space. Pans heat faster with slightly quicker cooking times. This means you get dinner on the table faster with less wait and hassle. Your hungry crew is going to love it!

How did the Not a Square Pan originate?

We always like cooking on square pans for the the great benefits they offer. But we could never find a square lid for them.
Presto! The Not a Square Pan was born. And cooks everywhere are singing its praises. Get your 8pc set today and enjoy cooking more than ever before

Not a Square Pan  - Committed to Smart Innovation for Your Kitchen

We always liked cooking with square pans. They heat up faster and offer more space for food. Your food cooks better. And you get tastier meals that are ready sooner.

The only problem is square lid is had to find. That got us thinking. What if we combined a square bottom with a round top?

We took our idea to one of the industry's finest manufacturers and they agreed to make Not a Square Pan to our specifications. The new pans turned out so good we simply had to offer them to cooks and kitchens everywhere.

Our pans are food grade and professional culinary quality. Everyone from homeowners who like to cook a few favorites to professional chef's who rely on these pans every night love their smart convenience.

They are made of heavy gauge aluminum that heats faster and evenly. The premium nonstick coating is healthy for cooking and easy to clean up. They also come with stylish wooden look handles and knobs. Both handles and knobs stay cool.

Not a Square Pan is committed to your satisfaction. Place your order then sit back and relax while we ship promptly.

Our 8 piece set is the smart way to replace old and out dated cookware. Get yours now!